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Nicknamed the largest small City in the World, Reno is a popular destination for its neighborhood to casinos and ski hotels and a tremendous spot to find cheap car insurance. Its mark arch symbol was first constructed in 1924 and has displayed the city’s sobriquet since 1929.

Just 22 miles from Lake Tahoe along the California border, the Reno region composes the second biggest in the state. It is also a residence to the National Bowling Stadium and the National Automobile Museum contemplated one of the promising museums of its type in the world.

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Driving Conditions in Reno

In Reno, Interstate 80 intersects with Interstate 580, the major north-south hallway through the town. Traffic is typically not contemplated as clogged as additional neighborhoods its size. Described in relation to average U.S. commute moment of approximately 25 minutes, Reno possesses a vastly smaller time — under 19 minutes, according to Census Bureau data.

interstate auto insurance Reno NV
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Unique Laws in Reno

Previously enacted statutes in Reno fee tough penalties on motorists who accelerate in pedestrian zones or driving while “inattentive,” awfully as eating or donning cosmetic.

It’s significant to cite that speaking on a hand-held cellphone while driving is forbidden throughout Nevada. Previously passed laws similarly negate U-turns and shifting roads in school zones. For the initial six months after obtaining a driver’s license, drivers under 18 are not authorized to carry passengers younger than 18. On the visitor angle, it’s illicit to ride a camel in Nevada.

Reno Crime Statistics

Entire scandal in Reno is about 30 percent greater than the nationwide average, according to FBI crime data.

The Reno metro region amassed 1,302 issues of vehicle theft in 2015 or a ratio of 288 occurrences per 100,000 people. The nationwide average for the exact year was a ratio of 220.2 per 100,000 people, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Reno Safety Requirements

Motorists and all passengers must wear safety belts, Nevada law states. Children under age 6 or mulling over less than 60 pounds must drive in a certified child restriction system. It is unlawful to chat, surf the Internet or employ a hand-held cell phone when driving. Hands-free headsets are authorized, however.

Reno Impaired Driving Laws

Nevada motorists with a blood liquor attention of .08 percent or greater, or .02 for those under age 21, are accused with driving while intoxicated. Drivers presumed of DWI may not decline blood, breath or urine examinations. First-time offenders receive 2 days to 6 months in prison, neighborhood duty or alcohol attention schemes, as adequately as a 90-day authorization suspension.

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