government insurance for child; family experiences



This is a study that was follow up in 1997 summer, it’s n advocacy project done by the the children’s defense fund in the new your city. This have assisted families in new York to enroll their children government-sponsored insurance program for health (child health plus and medical)


This is to actualize the number of participants from the 1997 project acquired insurance, so as to file their experience during the application process, and also to gather their ideas on amending the application process.


Manage interviews on telephone in 1998 summer with all the involved families from the 1997 program that they could locate so far


New york city family members that were fifty five in number, with the support of children’s defense fund that is located in the new York City, they practiced Medicaid or child health plus in 1997 Summer

Child insurance

government insurance for child; family experiences


Out of the 55 families, 46 collected insurance for their children be this was at some stages during the year. Some number of families decided to change their Insurance status many time in the year, and some got insured primitively through government-sponsored program afterward obtained private insurance. The families encountered many hard time in corporating with health insurance bureaucracies.


The step and guide for applying for Medicaid and also child insurance plus is more hard and time wasting than it may be ever detected, and many families would have to go through the process often. Present energy to reduce the number of the children that are not insured in united States must be taken in to documentation, the bureaucratic restriction faced by the families are not enhanced for the so called program and must be taken into consideration how to make the operation process more molded.

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